Remit of REC-UOC

The remit of the REC-UOC is as follows:

  • To devise a University policy for approval by the General Board for the consideration and approval of research projects involving human participants or personal data, including the establishment of specialist sub-committees, where appropriate, to cover specific areas
  • To monitor the implementation of this policy, establish associated procedures, and recommend to the Board any changes that are considered necessary in the light of experience;
  • To consider and decide on any application for approval of research involving human participation or personal data which is referred to the Committee by one of its sub-committees or by any other relevant body
  • To establish, implement, and keep under review a procedure for considering appeals against decisions made by sub-committees to withhold, suspend or withdraw approval of a research project which it considers to contravene University policies or procedures on research involving human participants or personal data
  • To consider and advise on training provision for those involved in considering applications for research projects involving human participants or personal data and for those undertaking such research
  • To receive and consider annual reports from local and School-level Research Ethics Committees
  • To advise the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) on the development and implementation of policy and procedures related to research integrity
  • To report annually to the General Board on matters within its remit